Ohana Village
The Ohana Village spotlights non-profits, recreational clubs, and other organizations with information for and about the South Pacific Islander community.
Na Leo O ke Kai Outrigger canoe with keiki

Arizona has four outrigger canoe clubs, three of which are located in the metro Phoenix area.

Clubs set up canoes and displays, and give out information about their paddling and competition schedules. Find and talk story with local paddlers Na Leo O Ke Kai, Team Arizona, and Dry Heat Paddlers.


ASU's Asian Pacific American Studies Program, established in 1972, provides an academic-based resource about culture, history and experience. Their "brief history" states Native Hawaiians have been in Arizona since 1870, listed as "kanakas" or "Sandwich Islanders" on territorial censuses.

ASU Asian Pacific Island Studies display

Lau Kanaka Hawaiian Club table in Ohana

Arizona has had a Hawaiian Club since 1972,
Lau Kanaka No Hawaii. Now a member Hawaiian Civic Club, drop by to learn about the club and their activities.

Daughters of Hawaii table in Ohana

But there are other interest groups such as Pacific Islander clubs at other Arizona colleges and universities. Recreational clubs play rugby and volleyball including recreational and club play.

They also eagerly invite you to learn about themselves and their activities.
When agencies find out about the large Pacific Islander community in Phoenix, they are eager to bring information about programs and activities. Agencies like the Census bureau and health organizations have all brought messages to benefit the community.

Picture of smiling people holding up Festival program
Even our tropic-loving Parrothead friends came to visit.

picture of helping standing by outrigger canoe
Team Arizona shows off their canoe and colors

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