Island Foods at the 3 Local Grinds Festival Food Courts
Taste the Islands! Sample the cuisines and local favorites of the people of Hawaii and the South Pacific!

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Picture of food plate called 'plate lunch'
Sample of 'plate lunch'

Hawaii is famous for "plate lunch":  a combination of rice, macaroni salad (with an island twist) and an "ono" (delicious) entree such as kalua pig or teriyaki chicken.

But there are a lot more favorites: manapua (steamed pork-filled buns); haupia (a coconut pudding); Vilo Vilo chicken, turned over mesquite charcoal; or Spam musubi (a kind of rice-and-Spam sandwich where seaweed nori holds everything together!)

Chicken on rotisserie over charcoal
To turn ('huli' or 'vilo') over charcoal makes it tasty!
Picture of smiling people holding up Festival program
Fresh cooked just for you!
Or you can try some Portugese sausage, Island beef stew over rice, pineapple curry, coconut shrimp, kalbi ribs, chicken katsu, yakisoba, or yakitori. Maybe some palasami, lupulu, or gyoza, New Zealand meat pies, stir-fied noodles, or stuffed bao. Menus change. so be sure to try a bite of everything...

Tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and coconut flavor ice cream, smoothies and refreshing fruit punches.

Cap off your meal with a taste of shave ice: ice shaved fine as snow and flavored with a mind-boggling choice of syrups.  You can choose to embellish it with ice cream on the bottom or sweet cream over the top!

Toddler eating shave ice

The crossroads of the Pacific meet in Hawaii and island foods truly show the contributions of many cultures.

Panorama of Food Court by Bridge
It does get crowded at noontime but there's so much to try!
Lots of choices - eat early and eat often!

Don't forget there are Three Food Courts!
(Panoramic photo by Varian Johnson)

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