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A free family event
in Tempe!

Sales at the Festival:
Soda, water and teeshirts

The Festival relies on many sources to pay the expenses of producing such a large event. Our soda, water and teeshirt sales are a significant part of our budget to pay for things like stages, trash control/pickup, required Police and Fire presence and rental of the park.

We say MAHALO! in advance to all those that support us by buying these products.

About the organization:

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Soda and water
There are soda and water booths scattered throughout the event. You'll recognize the banners and the smiling volunteers working inside. The Festival recognizes we are a family event, and offers a reasonable price for each drink. We are proud our standard cost of $1.00 per can of soda or bottle of water has not changed in a number of years.
volunteers in soda sales booth

Souvenir Teeshirts
Find our "Information-TeeShirts" banner to locate our sales booth. We print a differentshirts each year based upon our artwork. Teeshirts are available in adult sizes, from small to 4XL, and usually in both men's and women's styles. Supplies are limited, so be sure to buy yours early!


20th Anniversary 2014
2014 teeshirt artwork

2012 tshirt artwork

2012 tshirt artwork

2011 tshirt artwork

2010 teeshirt artwork