Planning Team
The 'Red Shirts' are the event leadership team.
All are volunteers in charge of a Festival Committee.
They are the core of the planning and operation of the Festival.

Planning Team members meet as a group year-round to coordinate programming, logistics, operations,
staffing, sanitation, safety and security, and 'the fun stuff' you find at Festival.

Each Commitee is in charge of a specific Festival area and leads a team of volunteers assigned to those duties.

Please thank these dedicated volunteers - you'll find them in their red shirts!

John Auwen - Operations
Lacretia Bacon - Chairperson
Janet Foote - Set Up/Take Down
Sarena Gill - Public Relations
Brigit Taha - Aloha Corps
T.J. Teeples - Security
Nani Teeples - Operations
Malcolm Valera - Artwork

Sheri Deterding - Ohana Village
Michael Deterding - Ohana Village
Zach Deterding - Aunty Aloha's Ukulele Corner
Shoni Burg - Hale Mana'o
Natalie Noriega - Hale Mana'o
Alana Segoviana - Keiki Activities
Marlene Day - Keiki Activities

Cardon Jones - Soda & Water sales
Justin Herrera - Soda & Water sales
Ann'e Palmer - Super Sales
John Palmer - Super Sales

Emily Madsen - Merchandise Vendors
Joe Madsen - Merchandise Vendors
Kevin Salamacha - Merchandise Vendors
Mindee Montierth - Food Vendors
Bryson Montierth - Food Vendors

Kamalu Tinnell - Performers
Alvin Pai - Stage Manager
Bob Jancoski - Assistant Stage Manager
Don Ibarra - Stage Announcers
Lourdes O'Heir - Stage Decorations
Tim O'Heir - Stage Decorations

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